The first patented oenological tank
To make wine without decantation
By an exclusively mechanical system.

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What is it?

VINOOXYGEN® is a wine-maker, that allows concluding the winemaking production process WITHOUT EVER DECANTING THE WINE. From the grapes pressing (or from the draining off for red wines) to bottling, the must ferments in the same tank, and it is cleaned up from the winemaking spoilage by VINOOXYGEN®.


How it works

By a particular cleaning cycle timing of the VINOOXYGEN® system, programmed thanks to the winemakers’ experience during several years of testing, the solid parts are automatically conveyed into a second small tank, detachable from the main tank at any time. In this way, according to the operator needs, whenever the extractions of the lees is needed, it will be only necessary to empty and clean again a volume of few tens of liters instead of moving all the wine amount.



VINOOXYGEN® can be used on both white and red wines (starting from the draining off). Actually the tank allows fermentation, clarification and protein and tartaric stabilization, expelling the solid collected parts whenever it is necessary. The VINOOXYGEN® tank can be controlled in temperature and can be customized on client’s demand up to 300 hectoliters.

Steady lees control via window.

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Motorized detachment of the main tank from the extraction of the lees container.

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