Do you still raking off the lees or do you already use VINOOXYGEN®?

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The Problem

The traditional wine-making has always used filtrations and raking off. These two processes give the wine uncontrolled oxygen peaks, causing a qualitative loss on the aromatic level. It is necessary to introduce antioxidants to control oxidation.


The Solution

VINOOXYGEN® eliminates the dregs.
The extractions of the lees are made directly by the VINOOXYGEN® tank.
The production process is simplified allowing the bottling without moving the wine.



VINOOXYGEN® is a patented oenological wine-maker to make wine without decantation. You will obtain a superior quality wine, with less sulphite, using an entirely mechanical process.

Change winemaking with the innovative VINOOXYGEN® system.

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Increase the level of the wines produced and the perceived quality.

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